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Saturday, November 13, 2004

"Bigots to the Left of me... "

OK, that should be "Blind Hypocritical Bigots to the Left of Me," but that just doesn't scan as well... Betsy Newmark (OK, I've told you and told you to bookmark her Betsy's Page blog. So when are you going to do it, already?) points to an article by George Neumayr that contains this nugget:
"The Democrats are far more interested in subduing Christianity at home than defeating militant Islam abroad. They can write acerbically about Southern Christians as jihadists, then eulogize real jihadists like Arafat as peacemakers. They can bring a very benign interpretation to Islam, insisting that the founders of Islam held the same liberal values and views as the editorial writers of the New York Times -- watch PBS's documentaries on Islam and you would think the early Muslim sultans were PBS liberals -- but offer no such generous understanding to Christian teachings."