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Sunday, February 06, 2005

There he goes again!?!

Who is that masked Hyundai? In partial defense, I'll plead being really tired (lost sleep, being heavily "flu-ed" for a coupla days, etc.), but really... ::sigh:: Finally dragged myself outa bed, dumped several cupsa coffee down my gullet and we headed off 35 miles north to keep an appointed afternoon with our son. Shopped some. Wore my tail into the ground in a little over an hour. Cut things short and headed back, —hoping for a serious nap! ::profound sigh:: On the four-lane that proceeds through 2 counties and halfway, now, through America's Third World County, I was going rather more slowly than I usually do (I knew my driving skills were blunted by tiredness). But I was unaware of just how slowly I was driving until—was that déjà vu??? No! That'sthe same Hyndai that passed me ten miles ago! Whoa!! I've been lapped by a Hyundai!!! Need. Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. :-) UPDATE: got a little sleep since the post above. Not (yet) enough, but some. Still, the inage that popped into my simpled-out brain of a lil Hyundai circling the globe and lapping me as I toodled down the highway was enough to send my (totally simpled-out!) brain into paroxysms of (silent: too much effort to actually laugh!) hilarity. And yeh, it probably was two different cars. But they're so much cookie-cutter clones that it made it just that much easier for the "I've been lapped!" image to bubble up from some unconscious reservoir of silliness. Or maybe that was my unconscious being serious...