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Friday, March 04, 2005

At what price?

So the Imperium has released Martha Stewart. Now what? I know no one who states the case better:
"Lest we forget: She was jailed for making false statements, not under oath, to Federal Officers. One of those statements was to protest her innocence of a crime she had not been indicted for, much less convicted of. Even more interestingly, it turns out that what she denied doing was not a crime whether she did it or not. So: for denying, not under oath, doing something that was not a crime to begin with, she is sent to prison at great expense to her and considerable expense to the Republic. Are we all safer?" –J.E.P.
Just so you know. Defying, even politely, the minions of our rulers is grounds for imprisonment. Protest your inocence of a crime the feebs don't even intend to pursue and cannot prove? Fine. Go to jail. We are no longer a nation of laws and rule of law, if people can be jailed for simply not being humble and bowing to petty bullies. And let me be clear: I don't particularly care for Martha Stewart. Her manner and the obsessions of her life just give me a 9figurative) rash. But that's not the point. Being an irritating, arrogant broad isn't a legitimate reason to imprison someone, anyone. Unless you're a feeb functionary and have the power to make it so. What i do not understand is the jury that was stupid enough to let the feebs pull the wool over their eyes. Well, yes, I do understand it. The sheep are stupid enough to be ruled by dogs. Arggghhh! I hate injustice, even when practiced against an irritating broad like Martha Stewart. But now, she's out. Sorta. Wearing electronic chains, as it were. Quite some few bucks leaner, and after many, many of YOUR tax dollars spent harrying her. Makes me wanna hold a tea party in Boston. But make the "tea" by dunking feebs. Won't do it, of course. I have more scruples and a higher morality than that. Just think of the polution. *shudder* Feebs contaminating the water. Not good. *sigh* Have to give that idea a reluctant pass. See? Once again the feebs get away with another crime against humanity... (Yeh, Martha's—barely—human.)