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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Martha Rule

Tatoo this one to the insides of your eyelids Yes, it's come to this. Remember Martha Stewart. Then, read this: What NOT to do - When Federal Agents Come Knocking:
"... Don't talk to a federal investigator of any kind, for any reason, ever, on or off the record. It's always on the record. Worden's Rule 1: Stick your tongue between your teeth and bite down until the blood flows. Do not admit to anything. Especially, do not deny anything. Remain mute, no matter how long they try to drag the interview out. Even if an attorney representing you is present, say nothing unless in the privacy of his/her office."
I was brought up to cooperate with the authorities, but that's a thing of the past. More and more the petty tyrants of bureaucracies, law enforcement, all the big and little nosy parkers of government, are becoming less and less 'servants of the people" and more and more enemies of those they purportedly serve. When asked by any such for "help," just shut up. Not. One. Word.