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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The problem with so-called "liberals"

as if there were only one :heh:
When you couple ideals that are unconnected to reality with the silly notion that "practice makes perfect" you end up with the current crop of so-called liberals. Think about it.  Every single "liberal" (or as so-called liberals now prefer, "progressive") idea in social engineering, education, government and academics that I can recall from the past thirty-five years (and know of from the past century or so) has proven to be harmful to society. While some may have seemed to have temporary beneficial effects, the law of unintended consequences caught up with every darned one of even the truly well-intentioned "liberal" ideas.
That's what happens when people who refuse to test their ideas against verifiable facts continue to insist that "practice makes perfect."  Anyone who has listened to a beginning music student play the wrong note over and over and over again can tell you that practice does NOT "make perfect"—only perfect practice makes perfect.  And only the practice of good ideas, proven by testing them against their real world results, can produce good policies and practices.
But current "liberals" have no need to test their ideas against reality, you see, because they just know by faith that reality will change to conform to what they think should be.
And folk such as that are a prescription for creating hell in utopia.
Back to regular programming.
(BTW, I usually put "liberal" and "liberals" in quotation marks when referring to the current crop of folk who espouse so-called [heh] progressive ideas, because almost without exception they are not liberal in the classic sense of seeking to expand freedoms and liberties... unless it is for folks who agree with them to be free to say and do what this current crop of "liberals" want.  "Everything not forbidden (by them) is compulsoty" so to speak... Their idea of justice and equal treatment under the law, for example, is to create priviledged classes who recieve benefits because of ethnic or racial backgrounds.  Orwellian indeed... And decidedly UNliberal.)