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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Quick Cheese Popcorn

A simple snack
This one takes much longer to describe than to do. Really simple stuff this week, cos Wonder Woman's cut n paste job at the cardio's  is tomorrow was today. (Went well, her pacemaker/defibrilator is removed!)
Quick Cheese Popcorn
1 bag low-fat microwave popcorn (you'll be adding oil later)
1 package cheese powder (from mac n cheese box mix)
Microwave oven
Large bowl with lid
Pump aerosol sprayer (with your fav oil)
Pop the popcorn (There, now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Bag in microwave, hit "Popcorn," hard part over.)
Place popped corn in large bowl
Spray with oil (I prefer olive oil)
Cover with lid and shake to spread the oil around
Open, sprinkle with cheese powder--maybe 1/4 of the package
Cover and shake
Remove cover and eat.
Hard, huh?
Sometimes I'll take dried serano (or other) peppers and whiz them in my "spices-only" coffee grinder, take the powder and add it to the cheese. Or maybe do the same to some parmesan cheese to add some parmesan powder to the mix. 
And yes, you can melt butter, drizzle it on the pocorn and then shake it up before adding the cheese powder, but why?  Butter flavor's nice, but this is supposed to be quick and easy . And spraying it with your fav oil dispensed from one of those neat lil pump-up aerosol sprayers is as easy as it gets.
Next week" My fav fruit salad: "Mocking Wussie Waldorf Salads Salad."