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Thursday, June 30, 2005

News from the Islamic jihad

Warning: avert eyes if you have one ounce of sympathy for the savages that make up the Islamic jihadists.

A Precision Guided humor Assignment from The Alliance

News Update from Al-Jizeera
معزة عاشقات كهوف ، العراق

"Muhammed "Splodydope" Muhammed Muhammed prematurely detonated Thursday morning during his morning prayers when he failed to execute his exit strategy from his favorite goat."

Poor Muhammed. Now he won't get his 72 murdering, suicidal prostitutes.

And for those illiterate splodydope buddies of Muhammed, here is something the 2 out of 10 semi-literates among your buddies in Goat-lovers' Cave, Iraq might be able to read to you:

أخبار يحدّ من [أل-جيزيرا]

"فجّر [موهمّد] "[سبلوددوب]" [موهمّد] [موهمّد] مبتسرا يوم الخميس صباح أثناء ه صباح صلوات عندما هو [فيلد] أن ينفّذ ه مخرجة إستراتيجية من معزته مفضّلة."

[موهمّد] فقيرة. الآن لن يحصل هو ه 72 يقتل ، عاهرة انتحاريّة.