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Saturday, July 09, 2005

How will Britain deal with the Islamofascist terrorist threat?

[N.B. I have a hard time finding anything humorous about this. But I suppose I can take refuge in the distinct difference between "humorous"—dark irony, such as this included—and "funny," at least refuge iof a sort.]

I have it on good authority that Britain is preparing some stiff legislation to deal with the threats by Islamofascist savages shown by the London bombings to be a very real and present danger. The legislation will

1.) Call for stiff punishment for "religious hate speech" for anyone speaking out against Islamic teachings that encourage killing "unbelievers". (Dayum! That was fast! Already done!)_1_
2.) Laws passed solely for the benefit of immigrants, such as the aforesaid Islamofascist savages:

  • immigrants to get a house
  • free money
  • free education
  • free healthcare
  • free lawyers _2_
  • freedom to teach that killing "unbelievers" is a good thing (covered in part by #1 above)

Hmmm... seems like those measures are already passed, as well. No fear; there's certainly much more that can be done to protect native British citizens from Islamofascist savages. Still, our British cousins have certainly made a good beginning on quelling the killers.

I think the plan the Brits have sponsored so far will work, though, if taken far enough. The logical next step is to throw native British citizens off the island (so they don't offend the Islamofascist savages), give everything over to the Islamofascist savages, etc.

Yep. I think that would do the trick. They'd not be setting off any more bombs to kill British citizens, then! (Just continuing to beat, stone and kill their women for... being women; raping little boys and girls—cos Mohammed said it was cool—and fighting amongst themselves. Sounds like heaven on earth! Something I'm sure Ward Churchill will advocate soon for his Native American land... )

Sadly, points #1 and #2 above are things that British politicians have actually done, making its citizenry more vulnerable to such attacks.

Pray for all those who were injured in the attacks, the families of those killed and that justifiably angry British citizens will have the wisdom to hide the bodies of those Islamofascist savages they uncover on their own...

Give peace a chance. Bury an Islamofascist terrorist.