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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The latest in "dialogue" with Islamic jihadists

Islamic jihadist barbarians: Boom! West jawjaws

Man. Now's the time to start simply rounding up Muslims in Britain, France, etc., and just shipping them back where they came from in containers. "Innocent" Muslims along with the supposed bad guys. All of 'em, wholesale. If the "good" Muslims began policing their own instead of acting as enablers, the savages who planted bombs in London just might not have been able to do it to begin with. And the "culturally sensitive" loony left enables the jihadists to hide in amongst the populace in general, what with accusing anyone who speaks the truth about The Religion of Hate being accused of committing hate crimes with truth.

Check that. Don't send 'em all back where they came from. The major funding for Islamic terrorism is from the Saudis. Send al the Muslims there. Blockade the place and don't let 'em out. let the Saudis feed (and water!) 'em all. Since water's in short supply in that area of the world, sell the Saudis water. At $55.00 a barrel... or whatever the going rate for oil is.

For the timeline on the London attack from the TimesOnline site: