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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rescuing the Supreme Communists (SCOTUS) from themselves?

Apparently, John Roberts is Bush's pick to replace O'Connor...

...which, predictably, has the babies who love killing trheir own on the left throwing a hissy-fit already, the mealy-mouths in the middle attempting to prove butter wouldn't melt in their mouths and the rightward-leaning members (yeh: off-balance and wondering what to do) of The Stupid Party pleased as punch...

How will it all pan out? Well, if things run to form, the Loony Left Moonbats will attempt to Bork Roberts, the mealy-mouthed fence-straddlers will claim "moderation" (as their preferred term for cowardice) and The Stupid Party will fumble the ball all the way to the goalpost, narrowly gaining confirmation, heaven only knows how.

I really, really want two other political parties in power...

Noted at Outside the Beltway's Beltway Traffic Jam

(Yeh, edited out a buncha typos. Thanks for the email—you know who you are! :-)