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Friday, August 12, 2005

Saudi Arabia Delenda Est

The House of Saud must be destroyed...

...and with it all of the funding and protection afforded Wahabbists by Saudi Arabia. I'd sooner see Arabia—or at the very least Mecca and Medina—in Hashemite hands again.

I don't often find myself agreeing with stuff the LATimes prints, let alone anything by Robert Scheer, but this is not far off the mark:

"It's hard to see how Saddam Hussein's brutal and secular Iraq was worse than the brutal theocracy run by the House of Saud. Yet one nation we raze and the other we fete."

Yeh, Scheer exaggerates the brutality of the Saudi regime toward its subjects (though not by much; Saddam Hussein's brutality exceeded that of the present brutality of the House of Saud only in degree), and he uses his arguments against the Saudis as a pretext to berate President Bush (naturally—and I have little doubt that Scheer would berate Bush if he were being tough on the Saudis. It's the mantra: Chimpy BushHitler=Evil, no matter what.). Still, that blind pig did manage to find an acorn or two...

Saudi Arabia Delenda Est!