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Thursday, September 08, 2005

"All they will call you will be.... detainee"

(Minor apologies for the ripoff and mod of the hook in Woody Guthrie’s “Deportee”)

About the disturbing story linked here recounting the FEMA use of the Falls Creek Baptist Assembly "campgrounds" (outside Davis, Oklahoma) for Katrina refugees.  I cannot (yet) verify the narrative, but the pics are all legit, all definitely Falls Creek, all legit OHP vehicles, etc. And the volunteering of the facilities is a fact.

I have some emails out to folks in Oklahoma who may be able to discover more locally.

The most frightening sentences in the English language may well be, “We’re from the government. We’re here to help.”

h.t. Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor Mail Minor Update: Corrected the typo in "Davis, OK". As I said: no confirmation or refutation, yet. Some conflicting emails returned to my inquiries (some didn't read the question and returned confused repplies). Some churches have planned to take donations down to Falls Creek (it's always "down to Falls Creek" no matter where one is in the state, it seems :-) this weekend—perhaps even today—somaybe I'll have something definitive by then. My suspicion is that perhaps there are some FEMA folks there throwing their weight around, as petty bureaucrats are wont to do, but that the OWNERS of that property will likely dig their heels in pretty hard if not allowed to serve the folks they have donated their cabins to. Remember: these are Baptists we're talking about. heh.