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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm for Victory

Victory with a BIG ole “V

Those of y’all who read this blog regularly have figured out by now that

  • I am no fan of the Iraq War

  • I believe we can win there and that we have a moral imperative to win.

Seem like contradictory stances? They aren’t.  As I have said before, were I in our leaders’ shoes, I’d have adjudged Iraq to have been the wrong place and time for another armed conflict, even though I know from the facts on hand now (as well as when Jean Fraud sKerry voted to send the troops, then voted not to fund them) that there was much more than adequate cassus belli for the war.

And I’d have shot Bremmer before sending him in after the major push was over.  What an idiot—and I say that based on his record.

I’d have spent the $300,000,000,000 and counting on things I consider to be more profitable for our security, even given the fact that I openly applaud the great things already accomplished in this ME adventure and recognize that when the terrorists have to resort to shanghai-ing unwilling victims to be human bombs, we are bleeding the terrorists dry over there, rather than having them go all splodydope on us here.

Regardless of how we got there, or what missteps have been made along the way, whatever has been accomplished so far will have been blood and treasure poured down a sinkhole if we leave before the job is done.  And leaving without Victory will do more than anything else to encourage more 9/11 behavior from Islamic fascist savages.

In terms even a barking moonbat ought to be able to understand (but will refuse to understand), one shoots rabid dogs.  One does not back away (or run away) after offering them a cookie.

And that’s why one of the very few (4) graphics at the head of my blog is linked to this post:

victory Modded after a note from NAP urging me to go ahead and use her code (even though I modded it here and in my head--no, my blog head, sillies. *sigh* Readers. Gotta love 'em. :-)