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Thursday, October 27, 2005

ACLU: Here's Your Sign update

A work in progress…

Below is a listing of the blogposts that are a part of the ACLU: Here’s Your Sign meme pool game. While, admittedly, this game’s a fun way to ridicule the ACLU or to highlight its assaults on society, hopefully these signs will be useful in creating some real world memes of our own to aid in combating its depredations.

In no particular order, gleaned from trackbacks, following the tags and searches on both blogs that link to this post and any mention of ACLU sign meme:

Adam's Blog contributes:

"Warning: This Organization is Harmful to the Health of Our Nation"

iHillary contributes three graphic signs:

Subversion is the highest form of patriotism

ACLU: Deconstructing America

And ACLU: Jihad Wing of the Democratic Party

Ouch!  ;-)

Is it Just Me? Offers a view we can all hope for:

ACLU Crater

Stuck on Stupid rings in with

Association (of) Contemptible Leftist Ultraists

Holly at Soldiers' Angel offers


A Conservative's Corner goes for the throat:

Annihilate Civil Liberties Union--We're here to Annihilate YOUR Civil Liberties

A North American Patriot shows us the ACLU’s Checkin sign and dumpster

ACLU Dumpster

Cao's Blog pictures a leader of the ACLU’s favorite religion

ACLU Jihad

Harvey at Bad Example offers a sign from the ACLU Junta:
Unión Civil Americana De las Libertades ¡Ahora abra las fronteras! Español hablado aquí

Romeocat @ Cathouse Chat gives us a peek at the runners up in the ACLU signage picks

"Christians NOT Welcome" and "Relativistm, Hypocracy, and Immorality for All"

…then shows us the selection for the Anti-Civil Liberties Ubermensch:

"All Your Rights are Defined by Us"

TMH's Bacon Bits features another First Amendment warm fuzzy from the Anti-Christian License Union:
The ACLU's Mess-Free Cross Extraction Service In a Southern California County Near You!

Pirate's Cove finds a treasure with
Communists R' Us Your Rights Are What We Tell You

A Lady's Ruminations thumps a theme:

Anti-Christians for a Liberal Universe: We are the Devil

The Four Horsemen—cheats offers a creative buncha tags and this sign:

Asswipe Communist Losers Unite: Perpetuating the Revolution of Communal Misery One Frivolous Lawsuit at a Time!


Appeasing Criminals and Leftists Unapologetically: That's What "Civil Liberties" Means, Stupid!

Musing Minds notes the ACLU’s fondness for criminals:

ALL CRIMINAL LIBERTIES UNION We Believe in Rights for Criminals - Not for Victims!

A Knight's blog wields a mace with:

“ACLU: Making you free against your will.”

Publius Rendezvous pegs CAIR America’s the ACLU’s sign here:

Jihad With a Law Degree

Oblogatory Anecdotes paraphrases the Apostle Paul with

“If there is anything Unvirtuous, ugly or of ill-repute… “

(preach on, bro)

Jay at Stop the ACLU notes that the ACLU doesn’t hate religion

“We just hate Christianity”

Kender's Musings offers a dream sign for posting on ACLU offices:

The Right Track gives Islamic Jihadists a little help with targeting. heh
Jihadists Aim Here

Jo’s Café is so darned mean to the poor ACLU. *sigh* I wish I’d thought of

this sign


Merri Musings notes the ACLU’s protection of child rapists with her


John on Pros and Cons offers an historical perspective:

THE ACLU: “Undermining America and American Values since 1920?

And a commenter, Bart, suggested:

THE ACLU: “Driving America into the ground, so you don’t have to.”

“Got Guilt?”

“Shirkers of the World, UNITE!”


THE ACLU” “Just Sue it!”

The ACLU–This is not your father’s leftist front organization.

The ACLU: What divides us, destroys our collective morale and undermines our traditional values can only makes us stronger.

The ACLU: Defending your First Amendment rights! (unless, that is, you use those rights to advocate positions we disagree with).

*whew!* Ya think John oughta tag Bart? ;-)

The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns doesn’t seem so crazy with the

ACLU BulletinBoard

I know there are likely quite a few I’ve missed. Some folks haven’t been tracking back, others have been dropping the ball on tagging (or been outa the loop once tagged). That’s the way these things go. I’ll do an occasional search for more and update as they turn up.