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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Around and about...

A few items that've caught my eye

According to Orson Scott Card, The Legend of Zorro "...is not a great movie. It's barely a good movie..." but it has one (but at least it has that) saving grace. Amazing: a movie from Hollyweird with one redeeming facet. I expect pigs will fly next... 1491 : New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

Oh, Card also reviews 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus . Hmmm... may be one to put on the Winter Reading List.

Dennis Prager and Thomas Sowell

have columns up that are, as always, worth a read. Prager points out just how clueless the Jordanian response to the recent wedding bombing is. Sowell points out some interesting gaps in arguments made for economic pressures as causes for The Burning of France.

In "Dog bites man" news:

Senate Republicans are demonstrating their spinelessness. Again. *yawn* Old news with a new headline. Fifty-count 'em, FIFTY!-British birds go belly up: Mass Media Podpeople all a-twitter.

Alito gives Loony Left Moonbats the runs.

(This is news?)

It's that damned Global Warming again... heh

Chavez hasn't got the news: all the good Marxists are against Fox hunting. Somebody hit the man with a cluebat. Please?

Rice cooking in the Middle East ?

Do I really want to know the rest of this story ?

I just like this lead-off: "John Howard has thumbed his nose at thousands of protesters opposed to his workplace changes." About stinking time.

Best pic from the World Cup? Maybe this one?



Bush arrives in Japan. God bless. Safe trip.

In the blogoshere...

NIF still MIA. Still.

Rich is trying out Google Analytics. Check back for updates.

Diane knows why Jean Fraud sKerry can't release his records.

Sam has found what ALL you gals'll want when (if) the Gulf Stream shuts down.

iHillary has the latest on L'intifada (thanks, Pete, I needed that).

Victory in Tripoli : How America's War with the Barbary Pirates Established the U.S. Navy and Shaped a Nation TMH's Bacon Bits is determined to add to my Winter Reading list , too.

An interesting Anatomy of a Photograph (from October) that I'd missed before. h.t. iHillary .

Hugh Hewitt notes " Anger with Senate Republicans ". Well, duh. But yeh, juuuust in case one or two Republican't Senators actually can and do read, perhaps pointing out the obvious is a good thing. I'm not holding my breath.

For some of the best reading around, try " Off With the Gloves! " and then just page on down at Dafydd ab Hugh's Big Lizards . And his site is more than just his blog, so noodle around a while, eh?

Here's a tale of Mummy's Little Piggy , at Nickie Goomba. (Dead man not walking.)

Michelle Malkin gets in some mini-snark (amid the nice-nice) on the StoptheACLU/Glenn Reynolds interview . (Do notice the last interview question, neatly ducked by Instapundit. Does he blend puppies? ;-) And dig her " Did Bush Lie? Google It ". *snirk* [BTW, Romeocat is thinking kinda along the same lines I am about Glenn's "puppy" answer. Well, actually, I kinda think its, yeh, he likes puppies, but with what?]

R'Cat has, uhm, something for the ladies . Guys. Just Do Not Go There. Trust me on this one.

Oh, BTW, does anyone have a solution for this guy ? Seems someone's not potty trained.

Christine's place is just a nice stop on a blogroll read. Oh, and do NOT miss this post

at her other blog.

For some eye candy, always put On Location With Rick Lee somewhere in your daily read. Try some comestibles . Yum. And this ? What an eye...

And while you're at Rick Lee's, have Kat's stuff running in the background (after you read some of her journaling).

Of course, this is just a skip through my blogroll and a few daily reads, but I'm sure you'll find more than one thing of interest and maybe a few blogs you'll put on your daily reads.

Note the Open Trackback Post


(Updated with the THM's Bacon Bits links and links to the books.)

Update #X (heh): See Don Surber's "GOP Goes After Weathervane Hawks/Open Post" and the open posts at MacStanbury's Bonfire of the Anonymity's III(again! See, Mac, I can try to make up for my snark about apostrohpes! :-) and NIF-MIA, still! And JackLewisis entering the Open Trackback festival. Welcome! Choose Life!has started a Tuesday Open Post, so get those links in there, too, 'K? And *thumps self on head* how could I forget the fine "Open Post Meals" at Basil's??? And *duh* (what's with my memory, huh?) Outside the Beltway! (*sheesh* Will someone wake me when this internet thing is over? heh).