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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"...out of the mainstream..."

Just caught Charles Schumer commenting that "[Alito] is considerably out of the mainstream on a number of cases..." *sigh* Cluebat #1 for Chuckie: that's why federal judges/justices have life apointments, you know, so they won't feel pressured to decide cases according to the latest poll but rather according to that strange thing you apparently never consider (except, perhaps, in the "what can I get away with" sense), you know, the law. Cluebat #2 for Chuckie: ya ever think that YOUR "mainstream"... isn't? No, of course you haven't. Why would I even ask... Glad I wasn't physically present when Chuckie was proving his stupidity, cos I am constitutionally unable to suffer a fool gladly.