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Thursday, October 07, 2004

"Where always is heard / A curmudgeonly word... "

As I get the hang of it, I may comment less and post links more. (Yeh, right. Those who know me know I came by my honorary Ph.D.B.S. honestly :-) Might work out to be managable and still satisfy my desire to encourage involvement in the Global War to Preserve Civilization. BTW, the "home front" in the Global War to Preserve Civilization involves as part of the effort spiking every lie from post modernist deconstructuralist commie wacko leftists that it's possible to spike... concerning everything from social "welfare" to education to the so-called "GWOT"... ...And encouraging those who have the ability to vote intelligently to be informed and to vote while gently discouraging those who are too stupid to find their way home from the grovery store without wreaking havoc driving slow in the fast lane from attempting to express their worthless opinions in the polling booth... (I still think Neil Bootz' idea of three qualifying questions before being allowed to vote is a good idea. Those who cannot name the Vice President, their Congressman and Senators would get shunted to non-working voting machines. Works for me.) :-) We does what we cans...