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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Not "The Essay"... Again

Well, as you may have discerned by now, "The Essay" concerning the conspiracy to murder Western Civilization, etc., is going to be even longer in coming... Nevertheless, I'll probably be posting snippets concerning the signs of that "conspiracy" from time to time. Here is one such snippet, from Jerry E. Pournelle:
"In every college classroom in the nation nothing is taught that is inconsistent with the view that within every oppressed human lurks a burning desire for freedom. In my view in every human heart beats a desire, sometimes burning sometimes not to rob his neighbor and possess his wife: it was once known as the doctrine of original sin. Chesterton once said that anyone who didn't believe in original sin could not possibly be reading the newspapers."
While this may be a slight exaggeration (I suspect there may be as many as two classrooms in a Bible College somewhere in a hick "red state" that still teach about original sin and man's depravity), it is close enough to the mark. And it is symptomatic of one of the axes weilded at the roots of Western Civilization by the barbarians in academia, in the ranks of the Mass Media Podpeoples' Army and the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade. That, of course, is the current preconceptual bias against the concept of right and wrong. The concept that there is anything that is clearly always, immutably right and thus there are behaviors that are always clearly immutably wrong is the only "always wrong" concept to
the barbarians in academia, in the ranks of the Mass Media Podpeoples' Army and the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade. To them right and wrong are opinions, and that is the only correct opinion about right and wrong. Try to have a civilization where "every man [does] what is right in his own eyes". Go ahead. Try it. Meanwhile, I need to clean this keyboard... (tired of re-typing every blasted "d").