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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rules of Engagement

All the bloviating by LLMs and MMPs about a marine shooting a supposedly unarmed and wounded terrorist in fallujah and a "RCB" (Red Curtain of Blood) threatens to descend over my eyes. Placing these folks one at a time in a pool of hungry —unarmed and wounded—sharks seems to be the only proper response. "Terrorists wear no uniforms, and answer to no government; under all the Laws of War they may be shot out of hand. The only reason to preserve their lives is for the information they can give, or as an act of grace by civilized people to barbarians. And this be law... " Jerry E. Pournelle Idiots who can't tell the difference between an accidnetal shooting of an unarmed civilian by police in an American city and shooting a terrorist combatant who is feigning death (as so many of his comrades have done while holding armed grenades, etc.) are less than Loony Left Moonbats; they are idiots who ought to be cleaned from the shallow end of the gene pool by being fed to the sharks. And they'd probably even give sharks indigestion. Citing the Geneva Convention only demostrates how idiotic they are. Sure, if the terrorists would sign the accords and abide by them, they might be afforded some of their protections, but even under the Geneva Conventions, it's legal to kill an enemy combatant who is feigning death in order to facilitate an attack... But since they are not signatories or the representatives of signatories and are themselves of a class of combatants outlawed by the Convention and completely outside of any protections it might otherwise offer, NO SOLDIER is obligated IN ANY WAY to place themselves at greater risk by giving them a pass because they have feigned being dead... So there, idiot LLMs. Go put a rag on your heads and play dead in Fallujah. Please. Update: Well, more of an addendum. I am disappointed that the marine filmed shooting a terrorist is "under investigation" at all. Ideally, everyone in his chain of command—all the way up to his CINC, President Bush—would have said to the LLMB and the MMPA, "Tough noogies, losers. It's open season on terrorists. A bullet (or five or six) is the best that they can reasonably expect. Spread the news. I say again: it is open season on terrorists. Hands in the air, playing dead, unconscious, wounded, unarmed: no matter their contemporary condition, they are under sentence of death. Should any soldier decide it is safe to spare a terrorist in hopes of gaining information on where to find more terrorists to kill, well, we'll allow a certain amount of thyat, but the rule of engagement is this: dead terrorists are preferred 100 to 1 over live ones." Now, that would be an appropriate response to the weenies in the LLMB and MMPA who want to excuse the barbarians. Of the two best things about four more years of a Bush administration, I'd be happy to give up four more years of lower taxes if it would contribute to four more years of (many more) dead Islamic jihadist terrorists. Hands in the air, playing dead, unconscious, wounded, unarmed: dead is the preferred condition. And as many of them as possible. They're slow learners (besides being about 80% illiterate). But "evolution in action" might, just might teach the few that remained that their idea of Islamic jihad is just plain counter-survival.