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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Just a note for both of the regular readers of this blog

You noticed no blogging yesterday? Yeh, well. My "blogging" comp is under the weather. You know the old saw about the cobbler's kids needing shoes? Yep. The comp guy's computer needs a new mobo. Soooo.... I'm getting what lil bit I'm doing on comp done on two other machines not situated in my "nesting zone" but elsewhere on the lil network here (could be larger network, but the cobbler's kids don't get new connections, eh?). Light reading suggests that Bush's re-election is the gift that keeps on giving. Powell out at State. Was a good general and indifferent Sec of State. Sure, he had lotsa dead weight to push/pull in the Dip Corps(e), but he was NOT the consumate team player COndi will be. Dems are already bad-mouthing her appointment cos some are saying she's "too close" to the President, reads too much from the same page. Well, of course that's pure and simple bullshit. The State Department has too long been an advocate of other countries' agendas and MUCH too much in the pocket of the Saudis, kissing up to the French and so many of the other "Hate America First" crowd. It's about time someone rattled their cages. And similarly for the CIA (ought to be re-named CYA [heh]). I do very sincerely hop that a crackdown by a new head of th4 agency DOES result in mass self-firings. Badly needs a shakeup. Badly. Can anyone say "Valerie Plame"? I'd have been even happier, in terms of shakeup potential, to see Rumsfeld at either post, but there's only one of him to spread around. As it is, Condi at State makes it possible to groom her for 2008, at least for the VP slot. And boy, will it put Chirac's panties in a knot! (BTW, lotsa grinning going on over Chirac's need to hang onto the presidency of his beloved cash cow because it shields him from prosecution for his corruption... ) Lotsa good stuff going on. Check the Belmont Club and Chrenkoff regularly for the real news from Iraq.