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Sunday, December 12, 2004

The things people do...

The Commisar comments on one-way "trackbacks"... Perhaps he needs to be reminded—as I so frequently need to be reminded—that one ought not too readily ascribe to maliciousness or greed any behavior that is adequately explained by stupidity. I know I'm not really up to speed on all the blog ettiquette, terminology and technology, though I do not think I have been guilty of this particular faux pas—yet. And after the Commisar's comments, I know I will be particularly scrupulous in observing links back to places I first saw rferences I mention here, even though I have always attempted to give credit every time I mention someone else's comments. Nevertheless, I appreciate the lecture on proper ethics/blogging ettiquette the Commisar offers. Points well heeded. BTW, Thx TacJammer for making the link to the Commisar's comments at The Politburo Dictat available in this post. (And, BTW, folks, TacJammer is a pretty darned good milblog. Check it out.) Enough links, yet? :-) edit: yeh, I misspelled "Commissar"... more than once. Good luck suing me for it. Also, the comments and trackbacks noted at both TacJammer and Politburo Dictat on their posts (1, 2) about this issue (1, 2) are worth reading, as well, even though my comment at TacJammer is not all that useful, since I can't do the cool kinda "trackbacks" the really wonderful, marvelous folks like the Big Dogs (1, 2)do since as far as I know Blogger/Blogspot doesn't seem to do them the same way and I have to just post regular old everyday links. Of course, it might not be Blogger's fault but be a result of my ignorance or stupidity. Someone will be sure to let me know. (Especially if it's simply my stupidity. "Over-educated" is not the same things as "very smart") Edit #2: Hey! Maybe I need to check out the Haloscan thing I just added, as it says it "does" trackbacks"... [duh] :-)