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Friday, December 10, 2004

Fun Facts

Over at IMAO, Frank J. is out to lunch and has Harvey guest blogging for him. Harvey has posted "Fun Facts About Christmas" which includes this nugget:
"Christmas specials which show Santa's workshop at the North pole often include penguins. This is factually incorrect, since penguins are native to the SOUTH pole, where, coincidentally, Santa's evil twin brother Satan Claus has HIS workshop. He mostly makes fruitcakes - the most concentrated form of evil known to man."
Getcherself on over these and read the rest. Warning: While I didn't particularly notice any profanity, there was some mild vulgarity. Avoid it or live with it. (NOTE: in snickering condescension for those whose sensibilities are a wee tad too hyper, I have **'ed out a letter in one word, following... As one dear saint told me once concerning that most common of vulgarities, "I never could understand the problem with saying sh*t. I grew up on a farm and was always stepping it it... " Her wisdom has lived with me ever since, and it comforts me whenever I contemplate the tirals and tribulations of our erstwhile neghbors who were named Shatwell, after an ancestor with good bowell movements. )