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Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Job for Jimmy Carter: Food Taster?

Frank J. (at IMAO) demonstrates once again why he got my vote for Best Humor Blog this year (although I am not sure he's kidding here). Commenting on the apparent poisoning of Yuschenko (Ukraine presidential candidate), he comments,
"I suggest that, in the future, we have Jimmy Carter as an election monitor with his job to try the food and drink of each candidate to make sure it isn't poisoned. When Carter finds a legitimate case of a candidate trying to poison another, he can then be replaced by Bill Clinton."
Now that I ponder this a bit more, I think perhaps he's serious. At any rate, it's certainly a good idea. Well worth a try. And Jean Fraud sKerry could step up to support democracy should Clintoon discover a case of one candidate trying to poison another. I think Frank's onto something, here!