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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Correct Pronunciation

I've noticed whenever I get trapped listening to some Mass Media Podperson or Loony Left Moonbat that they pronounce the initial-abbreviation of the United Nations in two syllables as something like "You In". And even stranger still, I've noticed that many real people have been negatively influenced by this to pronounce it similarly. Sad. "UN" really ought to be pronounced in one syllable as something like "uhn," as in UNrealistic, UNethical, UNprincipled (as in DIShonorable), etc. It's a pronunciation that's more in line with the UN's apparent mission, and besides, it takes less breath to say than "You In". Why waste any more breath on the UN than one has to? Better: perhaps it's time for US to pronounce UN "You, Out".