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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The mark of the Beast

Folks who avidly study biblical eschatology and prophecies of "the endtimes" generally have pretty definite ideas about what "the mark of the Beast" might be, and all of those ideas I've been exposed to orbit around some sort of physical mark imposed upon folks. Maybe there's a more important mark: the stain on souls so corrupt that they choose satanic evil so vile as to be unmistakable as their normative "good". If that be so, the Netherlands is peopled with folk already wearing the Beast's mark. Consider the Groningen Protocol, now in effect in the Netherlands, whereby committees of doctors choose whom to kill. As Hugh Hewitt puts it, "This is either a low point, or a point of no return. The establishment of 'independent committees' to dispatch non-consenting humans is nothing but a death penalty committee for innocents." Unmistakably sold out to Satan. Surely that must leave a mark...