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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ticked off...

Well, Frank J. at IMAO is certainly umm... ticked off.
* The Red Cross is claming that conditions for prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, are "tantamount to torture". What! I pay tons of taxes each year, and I want full-fledged torture for my money!
Yeh, well, this is the government that gave us Mineta's Morons and Ridge's Retards in the Thousands Standing Around boondoggle. So? You expect a good work ethic among government torturers? C'mon, now! It's ridiculous to expect anything better than "almost torture" from government workers. The best we can hope for is another four years of tax cuts and dead terrorists. BTW, Frank J. also reminds us that the leading cause of death among Islamic jihadists is American military. A Good Thing. It really is too much to hope for decent torture of terrorists... unless maybe the feds could outsource the torture to Islamic women? Gotta be a lot of rage built up there...