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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Look for the "Made by Slave Labor" label...

It doesn't have quite the ring of the lullaby Algore said his mom used to sing him to sleep by (sad thing: a grown man having to be sung to sleep by his mom—the song was written in 1975). Soon, any IBM PC you buy will likely have been made by slave labor in China. See:
IBM and China-based Lenovo Group announced an agreement
Tuesday night in which Big Blue will sell its PC division
for about $1.75 billion. Read more about this deal.
Rabbit Trail #1: Of course, most of what you buy, apart from food, at WallyWorld is now likely made by slave labor in China. In fact, if WallyWorld were a country, it would be communist China's 4th-largest trading partner. (Hmmm... I have heard the phrase "Wal-Mart country" bandied about... ) Yeh, it's in my own economic interest to buy much of what we need from WallyWorld (and every time I write that I think of the National Lampoons' Griswolds on their family vacation). I have tried to buy "non-WallyWorld" brands made in the USA when possible, though. (Like a recent paint purchase where I had the option of getting some paint for a couple of bucks less with the same tint but in a WallyWorld brand... yeh, it may have been sorta "Made in America" but it was still a WallyWorld brand.) Rabbit trail #2: Interesting thing: we bought a nice dining set from Aldis, recently. (From Aldi's?!?!?! Yes. Was advertised and we checked it out. Nice.) Really well-made. Nice real birch. From Romania. Not slave labor in China. A country that is trying to seriously transition to democracy and capitalism. Good quality workmanship, nice bonuses in the packing materials (?!?). Aldi's is giving WallyWorld such headaches in Europe that I'm seriously considering shopping there more often. [heh] Anyway, look for the Slave Labor label on any future PC purchases of IBM PCs, and, of course, expect the Slave Labor label to be prominently featured ("Made in China") on products bought at WallyWorld.