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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Amazing!! English Department Chairperson Walks Upright!

The "official" caption for the pic is below it, but I thought it more fitting to label it as a typical member of the Loony Left Moonbat academia... Posted by HelloTEL AVIV, Israel -- Natasha, a 5-year-old black macaque walks at the Safari Park near Tel Aviv. The young monkey began recently walking exclusively on her hind legs after a stomach ailment nearly killed her, zookeepers said. (07/20/04 AP photo) Just a wee tad on the curmudgeonly side. And why not? As our society tends ever more toward subliterate, self-made morons—products of Prisons for Kids (known disingenuously as "Public Schools") and American pop "culture"—why not become a wee tad curmudgeonly? It's difficult enough trying to communicate with people who actually speak, read and write English with a moderate degree of understanding. Communication with those who cannot (because of their own laziness and crappy "public education"--so-called) is a burden no reasonable person ought to be expected to bear without protest. Western Civilization is going over a precipice. And it's getting a big shove from all those who ought to be fighting to preserve it: academia, our rulers in the political class, mass media... churches. While I'm not so concerned about my own passing from the scene (what? heaven couldn't be any worse! :-), I think Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.... " ...certainly should be applied to Western Civ. For further reference to the conspiracy to murder literacy—indeed, to murder sense and sensibility—see Holly Lisle's discourse on "How to Write Suckitudinous Fiction". It describes much of the idiocy in academia and "the arts" we have inherited from 20th century dolts, dummies and doofuses in, well, the arts and academia. Of course, their subliterate cousins in the Mass Media Podpeoples' Army also do everything they can to Make and Keep Americans Stupid(TM). Meanwhile, I want you to think of the picture above and marvel at a monkey walking upright, every time you hear/see some Loony Left Moonbat in academia. It's good for your sanity.