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Monday, December 20, 2004

Top 20 annoying liberals

A thinking man's "hit list"—counting down the top 20 liberal hits John Hawkins at Right Wing News has his list of the 20 most annoying liberals in the U.S. up. A sample, from #17:
"Listening to [Jimmy] Carter's advice about how to run the country is like listening to Bill Clinton explain how to be faithful to your wife: nobody buys it, nobody wants to hear it, but they nod along because he used to be the President and they have to show some respect no matter how annoyed they are."
A tad snarky? Yeh, but spot on, for all that. Oh, you want another excerpt? Well, who am I to deny you one of this life's wholesome pleasures? Here's a quote at the linked post from #6, Chris "Loudmouth Liberal Lemming" Matthews: "I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel." Sure, you do, Chris. Unfortunately, even Chris Matthews knows that if he challenged someone to a duel , they'd get to pick the weapons. Hmmm, how about "Wit at 50 paces"? It wouldn't be fair, of course. In a duel of wits, Matthews wold be totally unarmed. Now, if it were a screaming match... (h.t. Powerline)