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Friday, December 17, 2004

"When a stupid man does something he knows is wrong... "

"When a stupid man does something he knows is wrong, he always insists that it is his duty."—the Centurion in Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra. Ample evidence of this can be found nearly every time a "public school" administrator opens its mouth (yes, I said "its").
"Take the recent case of Chloe Smith, 14, an eighth-grader in Mustang kicked out of school after drugs were found in her locker. Smith wasn’t in possession of marijuana or cocaine, but prescription hormones she takes for a chronic condition, polycystic ovarian disease."
That's the lede in a story in The Enid News about the magisterial idiots (apologies to common idiots everywhere) running amok in the Mustang, OK "public school" (AKA "prison for kids") system. No further information needed. No thinking person (or person capable of thought) need even consider that the school "has a policy" that makes having a prescription medication requisite for a person's ongoing health and well-being punishable by expulsion. Some administrator with lower intelligence than a rock made the stupid rule and another administrator, no doubt with even less intelligence, decided to enforce it. To call such persons idiots is an insult to idiocy. The girls' parents ought to sue the pants off 'em (and each and every scholl board member, no matter what shield laws there may be) for endangering the girl's health. And afterwards, their rotting corpses should be hung from poles outside the school as a reminder to future administrators to either get a clue or a productive job. (Oh, you noticed I left out the part about angry mob, pitchforks, torches, etc? Yeh. Didn't want to offend the sensibilities—such as they might be—of thesupremely idiotic nannies that comprise the population of busybody administrators tasked with making "public education" a complete and abject failure... as education, that is. As indoctrination against learning, it's a remarkable success.) (Thx to James Taranto for the link to the story that spurred this mini-rant.)