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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Online Shopping for Gifts

Michelle Malkin issues this warning to rhose considering Amazon.com for their Christmas shopping. Glenn Reynolds comments on another not-so-wonderful gift-giving "opportunity." I'll include the link for the truly sick among my readers (well, "reader," more like :-), but I'll describe the object and comment as well, so you don't absolutely have to click on the link to the "gift".
YEP, as my column yesterday suggests, you can take care of all your holiday, um, needs online. I don't think that the "used or refurbished" model should sell very well, though. . . . Eew.
Yeh, it's a "personal" vibrator... right. That kind. The truly troubling thing about the article wasn't the link
on the Amazon.com page to "two used or refurbished" examples of the article (as Glenn said, Eew!) but the link that reads, "Add to Wedding Registry." No further comment needed. [Update: added the Michelle Malkin link referred to but forgotten when originally posted. 12/20/04]