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Monday, December 13, 2004

"...let me count the ways..."

"The Madame Tussaud's museum revealed that a controversial waxwork nativity scene starring David and Victoria Beckham, as holy couple Mary and Joseph, has been mauled in an attack.(AFP/Jim Watson)" This is so wrong, on so many levels, that I don't know where to start... OK, I'll just hit the high spots, cos I'm waiting on a call so I can spend some money we didn't expect to (but are glad to spend and glad we are able to spend, even so). It'll make a low-level distraction. First, traveling backwards through the news, the lame brain who beat up the waxworks figures of the Beckhams has good taste but lousy morality. Those figures were/are someone else's property and he (I assume the attacker/defacer was a he) had no right to deface them. Lousy morality? Yes, because theft and destruction of others' property is a moral issue. Next: even on a merely aesthetic level, the nativity featuring the Beckhams as Mary and Joseph, Samuel jackson as a shepherd and Blair, Bush and some guy I don't recognize but am told is a muckey-muck in Britain is just about as tasteless and stupid as I've seen (in about the same category as the guy who protested the "Parade of Lights" in Denver with a "baby Jesus" with a paper tear oozing out of one eye and "It's My party and I'll Cry if I Want to" playing in the background--yech!) I'll post a close-up pic later, but take my word, the costuming alone is just lame-brain stupid.... No, "stoopid". Let's leave aside for now the use of celebrity visages in the portrayal of the scene (although there is some fodder there). Imagine: first century Jews wearing pierced earrings. Just think on that one for a second. Mary and Joseph were chosen, we are told, because of their "righteousness" etc. According to their traditions and law, the wearing of earrings was for slaves, alone, and was forbidden to practicing Jews. OK, a "stoopid" slip by sub-literates, there. But what is David beckham, as Joseph, doing wearing not one, but TWO crosses as jewelry?!? The cross, as an item of jewelry, gained usage only after the death, burial and ressurection of the newly born child the nativity purports to represent... Stoopid sub-literacy, again. I'd continue, but such stupidity is enough to prompt me to observe that although the doof who defaced others' property was wrong, the property defaced was already so flawed as to be defaced in its very creation. [sigh] (OK, I will admit that Kylie Minogue as the annunciatory angel is at least decent eye candy... :-)