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Monday, December 13, 2004

Dioxin Not Needed

Sean Gleeson has a pic of Mickey Moore-on looking as though he had been poisoned with dioxin a la Yurichenko. Sadly, such is not the case, and Gleeson avers that the disfiguration seemed to have been bean dip. I demurred with:
Bean dip? I think not. 2 possibilities: 1.) Pic #2 makes me think of what a s**t-eating dog might look like were it to start out as ugly as Mickey Moore-on. 2.) Think: reverse peristalsis. Of the two, I think the most likely is the second, given what Moore-on so frequently spews.
Notice my deference to unknown sensibilities. I have no aversion to writing the word "shit" on my own blog, as I view it as a perfectly good and useful, though perhapos vulgar, word. See my defense of vulgarity, below and elsewhere. But "reverse peristalsis" evokes a far more disgusting image than simply "shit-eating dog." It's in the nature of dogs to be carcophages (indeed, for dogs it is frequently a survival trait), but spewing shit forth from the mouth, as Mickey Moore-on does almost every time he opens his for anything other than stuffing with more fois gras, is about as repulsive an image as I can conjure... And it's simply normative behavior for this despicable example of human devolution. But think: if the foretold (second) coming of the Christ is as Isaiah saw, with lions grazing on grass—literally a transformation of nature!—perhaps there is hope for even such travesties of nature as Mickey Moore-on. Let's all pray for a transformation.