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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oh, Puke

Where do they come from, these talking heads, these MMPs? Arrrgh! I have avoided commenting on the Scott Peterson trial. Oh! How I have avoided it! But now, the verdict is in. The jury's penalty decision has been rendered. I can now dispense with passive voice construction. He's a murderer, for heaven's sake! What in the world do these talking heads mean babbling about, "Is he the kind of man who should not be allowed to live?" as they deconstruct the jurors' deliberation and decision? It's not about "what kind of man" Scott Peterson is. It's about what Scott Peterson has done. The only civilized thing to do with murderers is to execute them. Any and all of them. Life in prison is not civilized. Only removing them from the genepool, from any possibility of further "infecting" society with their evil permanently, completely and absolutely is civilized. [sheesh!] He's a murderer. For heaven's sake, get his worthless carcass off this planet! (OK, expect a rant in future about our "criminal" justice system in general sometime Real. Soon, Now.)