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Thursday, December 23, 2004

"What will we do tonight, Pinky?"

What do these have in common: eugenics, pebble bed reactors and 40 million surplus males... China in the 2020 "taking over the world"? See this article about China's eugenics program and its implcations for the future. The goal? Eliminate as many genetic defects as possible from the population via draconian measures that include sterilzation, abortion and infanticide. A side effect? By the year 2020, China may have as many as 40 million "surplus" young men available for use in military adventures... Oh, and pebble bed reactors? By that same year, China (with the aid of U.S. companies!) intends to have as many as 200 pebble bed reactors. The result? A projected power production sufficient for its own use and power for sale in amounts perhaps nearly equal to the current total world electrical power production. With these in place, what then of the vaunted productivity, economic and military power of the U.S.? Sleep well. Of course your children have nothing to be concerned about... (link to China/eugenics article via Chaos Manor.)