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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hitting on Lileks

Hear him Bleat, "My bandwidth, my bandwidth!" James Lileks does it* daily, Monday through Friday, as well as maintaining his columns, writing such wondrous works as "Interior Desecrations" (a look at '70s interior "design") and caring for his daughter, Gnat. A sample from The Bleat:
"Hewitt has been asking for suggestions to revitalize CBS news and bring in the younger demographic. I have a simple solution: animate it. Give it over to Kent Brockman, the Simpsons anchor. Have Alf Clausen score a new parody network news them [sic]. Upside: since it takes six months to animate an episode, any attempts by the news division to push a particular agenda will be someone [somewhat?] blunted. Or give it over to Space Ghost: three shots, endlessly repeated, with deadpan Zorak reaction shots..."
I'd be inclined to watch the Space Ghost remake of CBS "News," otherwise, I'll just continue to boycott everything CBS: news, local, everything. *Yeh, yeh, so what is "it"? "It" is insightful snark, amusing commentary, griping about his popularity ("I have to increase my bandwidth!" or some such), post touching and amusing vignettes about daily life, etc. Just bang away at his bandwidth for a while and you'll agree: Lileks is a daily "must check."