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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The very definition of ambivalence

What? Is it wrong for me to experience a frisson of satisfaction? This spoof video is apparently making the rounds in email. Unfortunately, the email it's making the rounds attached to falsely "accuses" Volkswagon of making the "ad." VW did not make or authorize the "ad." OTOH, I might even be more kindly disposed toward VW if the "ad" had originated from them. it depicts a splodydope (read: "suicide bomber") doing his thing in a VW Polo he's parked outside a sidewalk cafe. There's a flash of light inside the car--an apparent explosion--that is completely contained by the VW Polo, then the Polo tagline: "Polo. Small but tough." OK, here's my ambivalence. Sure, it's "tasteless." It trivializes the acts of splodydopes who have wreaked havoc with so many lives. OTOH, it trivializes and ridicules splodydopes as... doofuses, first-class dummies,. And it does introduce the idea of splodydopes removing their defective genetic material from the gene pool without collateral damage to others. Ambivalence... On balance, maybe (but just maybe) the spoof ad is not fit for general consumption. But oh! if only the VW Polo were 1.) really that tough and 2.) the best-selling car among splodydopes... (Thx, Whizbang, for the info.)