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Monday, February 07, 2005

Air (-head) Amerika

Mike, over at Half-Bakered posted this modified screencap of Janeane Garofolo moking the Iraqi ink-stained voters (and those who expressed "solidarity" with them) with a Nazi salute. The "Nazi News Network" logo and "Luft Amerika... " were added as slams on CNN and Air America, naturally. Picking on half-wits: not nice, Mike. (But better than they deserve.) Read his whole post here. He has links to more on the story No kidding: Garofolo really mocked the Iraqi voters and those who supported the Iraqi voters with that Nazi salute in an appearance on MSNBC. Where are the British Royals and the Britpress when you need them? Garofolo doesn't need a trip to Auschwitz for sensitivity training; she needs to be locked in a cell, alone with Saddam for a few weeks... Although, that could be considered torture enough to gain lenience for Saddam.Posted by Hello