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Friday, February 25, 2005

Wanna lose weight? Lose the diet

Shedding Light on the Scourge of Dieting...
Methuselah ate what he found on his plate, And never, as people do now, Did he note the amount of the calorie count. He ate it because it was chow. He wasn’t disturbed as at dinner he sat, Devouring a roast or a pie, To think it was lacking in granular fat Or a couple of vitamins shy. He cheerfully chewed each species of food, Unmindful of troubles or fears Lest his health might be hurt by some fancy dessert, And he lived over 900 years.
[NOTE: this is a duplicate post carried over from my Whistling in the Light blog.] I like food. And food likes me. Unfortunately, over the years, I failed to account for my changing lifestyle, my aging metabolism, etc., and food liked me so much that more and more of it seemed to stick around on my body until my 42" chest became 48" (sometimes more) and my 34" waist became 42".. or more, and 235# stared me in the face whenever I dared torture the bathroom scales. A couple of years ago, that changed. Someone introduced me to the idea of adding a particular 150 calorie food bar and a mild one-mile walk to my day, and the result has been a blessing. Now: From clinically obese on a BMI (Body Mass Index) to normal. (All it took was 50# staying off.) 42" chest 36" waist Baggy Pants Posterior Syndrome™ NO PAIN IN MY KNEES!!! I still love food (last night was Green Chicken Casserole and "Mexican" beans, leaf lettuce salad, ice cream—not "diet frozen dessert"—and a few "gummis" for an additional sweet kick). But now, food is nicer to me. Diets are for fat people. Since I didn't want to stay fat, it's kinda good I didn't diet, eh? Lose the diet. Gain health. (Oh, and thx to Donald Sensing for spurring this post.) Update: in a related matter, give a listen to RA (Rob) Kemp's "Chocolate in Heaven" Sample chorus: "Will there be any choc’late up in heaven? This is something I truly got to know. ‘Cause if there ain’t any choc’late up in heaven I got to fill my pockets ‘fore I go." —R.A. Kemp ©JJANA