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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Analyze This

A Visit to the Weird World of Dreamland OK, get this. I was dreaming this morning (yes, it was in color, and yes, I remember—some of—my dreams) and in my dream, I met my wife for the first time in a Chinese restaurant (not where we really met, of course). From that point on, fate took a hand (it was a dream). We continued to meet at the Chinese restaurant, fell in love and became engaged—all in that Chinese restaurant. Mama-san (how I knew her name is a mystery, of course), the owner, was delighted and counseled us on which day was most fortuitous for us to tie the knot. She, of course, was not only a J.P but also a Methodist minister and would perform the ceremony. (Why Methodist? I dunno. Analyze that.) Came the day and I'm waiting for my bride to appear. Naturally, I notice at the very last instant that I do not have on the socks my lovely bride chose for me. Oops. Not a good omen. I find them in my coat pocket and change in the blink of an eye. (Did I mention that I'm Superman—in my dreams... ) Another oops: pants have a spot. Another Supernman moment and I'm still waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle (in the Chinese restaurant). It was a wonderful ceremony. The honeymoon was just starting when... "Time to get up, sweetheart." *sigh* Sleep over. At least I woke to see my bride. Happy thought, that.