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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Party of the Living Dead

In more ways than just in the voting booth Still over at Reihl World View... Dan notes that Chris Matthews, apparently reporting from the SciFi channel, breaks the astonishing "news" that Algore won't be running in '08 with all the breathless wonder that one might "break" the story that Arafat no longer heads the P-L-O. Chris Matthews/Algore: a perfect match. One has all the flaming, empty emotion necessary to animate the other's cold, dead corpse (though someone really ought to have pried the potential keys to public office from the cold dead hands of Algore long ago. You know, back when it was first noted that his natural constituency, those of his own "kind" populated only B-movie "Night of the Living Dead" horror flicks. He's still as cold and dead as ever, but apparently no one has the nerve to nail his coffin shut. You do have to kinda wonder when/how Tipper decided that necrophilia wasn't as bad as rock and rap... I still have nightmares every now and then featuring the corpse and tongue play at the 2000 Democon... scary stuff, that.).