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Thursday, March 24, 2005


A little help, here... Yeh, yeh, I know about (and have read, though 40 years ago) the John Lymington book, "Froomb!" (1964). What I'm looking for, with no joy so far, is the cartoon I vividly recall of about the same vintage—but with an interesting variation on the cartoon's theme—also titled, IIRC, "Froomb!" (for "Fluid's running out of my brakes!" as with the title of the Lymington book). The cartoon features a personified world/globe (wears a hat, has eyes, mouth, hands, etc.) driving a car that's headed off a cliff with—surprise!—the caption, "Fluid's running out of my brakes!" IIRC, it (the cartoon, not the Lymington book) was meant as a commentary/cautionary on the dangers of the nuclear standoff policy, MAD—Mutually Assured Destruction. Anyone, among my legion (where legion=2) of readers have any clue 1.) who the cartoonist was 2.) where I can find a copy 3.) whether this exists or I have imagined all this Awaiting your responses with baited breath. (Baited with cheese, garlic and smoked turkey, if you really wanna know. Or even if you don't.)