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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2nd Amendment Activists... in Iraq

Contemporary demonstration of the Framers' intent Kim du Toit comments on (and links to) the recent story about a neighborhood in Iraq that defended itself against a terrorist attack in "Militia-Style Defense."
"This is precisely why we need to go back to being a Nation of Riflemen. The police cannot be everywhere all the time; the bad guys know it; and ultimately, if you can’t protect yourself, you hand over the decision of life and death to another."
I kinda liked Robert Heinlein's future America where every adult was required to wear a loaded sidearm... (minor restrictions and exclusions allowed--with difficulty approaching those of getting a CCW permit in New york or the Duchy of Chicago today) Can you say, "polite society"? My only quibble with Kim's site is that he focuses too much on being a "Nation of Riflemen" when handguns would be so much... handier for most city folk... And even though I live in America's Third World County™ I realize that many do not live in rural settings where carrying a rifle around is handy.