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Monday, March 21, 2005

For Terri Schiavo

Prosecute the torturers Andrew McCarthy's article in The National Review yesterday details an answer to the Terri Schiavo case that does NOT involve federal intrusion and does seem to answer the pressing need. He cites a Florida law that forbids (and prescribes punushment for) abuse of disabled persons, including torture of those who, like Terri evidences in contemporaneous videos, are NOT vegetative but simply profoundly incapacitated. He then goes on to ask,
Where does it say, under Florida law, that a judge has the power to authorize the commission of felony violations of the law? A judge manifestly had no power to tell Michael Schiavo and the hospice that they could feel free to shoot or hang or over-medicate Terri to death. Why in the world do we think he had the cognate power to permit a torture?
OK. So lynching is out. *sigh* But jailing the judge who ordered Terri Schiavo to be tortured tio death ought to happen. Now. Where are the handcuffs. No bread and water. And why not remove the judge's "feeding tube"? An "eye for an eye" seems fair. No food or water foras long as Terri's been (or is) without—for the judge and every single person who weighed in on the side of killing Terri Schiavo by torture. What would be wrong with that?