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Monday, March 21, 2005

Hard cases making bad law

Federalsim? We don't need no steenking federalsim. But we do need prayer in (and for) our courts... First: the Terry Schiavo case reveals the moral bankruptcy of our society. That government is no longer FIRST tasked to prevent the taking of innocent (of crime) life but is instead simply determining when it's permissbile to take the life of a person who has been conviceted of no crime is indicative of a deep, deep failure of our society. That the perpetrators of this abortion of justice have not been taken out and strung up by angry mobs of locals rebelling against immoral government/courts is an even sadder commentary on the moral fiber of what was once a republic. That said, it's none of the feds business to what depths of moral depravity Florida's so-called judicial system falls in becoming a witting participant in the murder of a woman whose only "crime" is that she is severely disabled. It turns on its head completely the idea that we have a republic of States, as devised by the Founders (but then, that concept was already terminally poisoned by the Great Unitarian-Baptist Shootout**, when the Baptists lost to the ungodly Unitarians... *sigh*). Piggybacking on the illegitimate expansion of so-called federal power in other areas in order to do good in this one is just one more case of republicans (small "r") surrendering to the mob tearing at the tatters of the Constitution. But then, a large part of the problem is acceptance of government involvement in too much of our personal lives--involvement by all levels of government in all too many parts of our personal lives. That Schiavo's putative "husband" (who now lives with another woman with whom he has fathered children) is allowed by a court to have any say whatever concerning the life of the woman whom he has deserted, to whom he has denied care settlement monies were earmarked for, is appalling--especially since there are people ready, willing and able to take care of her themselves. No, the Florida judge says, kill her. But not only "kill her" but do so in a way that would have any one of us jailed for doing it to our dogs. (If you have the stomach for it and are morally depraved enough, try starving your dog to death, denying it water. The worst of dog-hating neighbors would report you and you'd be jailed. Would that some hater of the disabled would have the moral fiber to have the judge who condemned Terry Schiavo to a tortured death jailed... at least.) That's too much, and I can certainly understand the moral outrage that would lead congresscritters to intervene with an attempt to make a federal case out of it. But they, too, are wrong. (Whereas the proper response by our congresscritters ought probably to be... see above re: lynching.) *sigh* There seems to be no right solution except... perhaps as I have heard suggested, praying that God would intervene and grant terry Schiavo the ability to swallow again. So, pray. (**"Great Unitarian-Baptist Shootout: also known by disingenuous historical propogandists as the American Civil War. Another example of good intentions—the abolition of chattel slavery—hitching a ride with bad—imperialists, robber baron industrialists and economic slaveholders.)