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Friday, March 18, 2005

A Hearing on Steroids

OK, Stop me if you've heard this one... Passing through the room. Noise on TV. Yeh, it's the congressional hearing on steroid use in major league baseball. (Aside: this is what Congress has descended to? Hearings on baseball? Trivializing themselves--as if it were possible to make Congress any more of a joke... ) What caught my eye/ear was some guy harranguing baseball players for being bad examples, cos his son died of steroid use. Come again? The baseball players' purported steroid use was the cause of his son's death? Where was dad when the son was using steroids? I'd say a closer cause of his son's death from steroid use was bad parenting. Misplacing his own guilt now is just a follow-through from misplacing responsibility for raising his own son. Now, I could be wrong; I stopped listening after a RCOB descended over my eyes... All I heard (and saw captioned below his image as "son died from steroid use") was this guy blaming someone else for his son's use of steroids, for his son's death. What a whiny baby. Dads like this who don't give a damn about their kids (well, not enough of a "damn" to actually be a dad) while they are alive have no right to point the finger at others for their own failure as a parent. Of course, if I have it wrong, if this "father" was actively involved and being a proactive parent, and major league baseball players slipped into his home in the dead of night and secretly injected his son with steroids without the "father's" knowledge, then I'd certainly apologize to him for my remarks.