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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"CSI" Stands for

Completely Stupid Idea One of the many reasons I strongly dislike CSI and its cousin TV shows can be found, illustrated and explained in moderate depth for a layman's understanding, here .
"Chris Enzler from Cognitech says, 'you won't get a perfect picture, that's Hollywood. You will get a good picture, but you can only reconstruct so much. You almost never get a nice tape - some videotapes have been recorded over 100 times. Banks and other stores try to be cheap, and too many people expect stuff from the movies or CSI.' Chris gave several examples of Hollywood magic that doesn't work in real life. One example is from a recent CSI episode, where the video investigator rotated a car in 3D to read the license plate, from a 2D video. In other shows you see the investigators enhance a single pixel to a full screen, with perfect clarity, which is obviously impossible."
Of course, all the other reasons I avoided the show(s) after the first couple of episodes I watched in order to give it a fair viewing are moot since Rathergate. Since Rathergate, I've sworn off ALL CBS programming, including local programming from our CBS affiliate. Haven't missed a thing. Of course, CSI is now in syndication on other channels, but that just makes narrowing down my viewing options (which sometimes narrow down to nothing, which is itself no loss) easier. Now, if only someone could get through to NBC that cloning ever dumber versions of Law & Order is a waste of otherwise valuable programming time... "SVU" was bad enough, but "Criminal Intent" with weird boy Onofrio gave me a rash. I dread discovering what the new version-that-should-not-be-named might turn out to be like... Nah. No dread. More TLC and History Channel. That'll do the trick.