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Friday, March 11, 2005

A lil righteous wrath

Woody beats up on the Mass Media Podpeople's Army In "Think On This (And hate Our Biased News Culture)", over at Woody's News & Views, is a good example of a measured, thoughtful response to the Mass Media Podpeople's Army's response to the lies, damned lies and stupid damned lying inconsistent tales from the mouth of a commie terrorist c sympathizer (and co-conspirator?), Giuliana Sgrena and its effect upon troop morale and safety. Did I say, "measured" and "thoughtful"? Add "righteous."
"... I can honestly tell you that I hate (yes, hate) the prevailing media culture in this country. CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, and especially morning shows like Today and Good Morning America that are trying to get the soccer moms weeping on a daily basis can all go to hell. Wake up people! This hand wringing and second guessing is making us a weaker nation. We can't afford this during wartime, especially just for the sake of TV ratings."
Count me in, Woody. Read the whole thing (and the article he references).