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Friday, March 11, 2005

Out the door...

so to speak (off to the salt mines, more like :-) Here's a parting shot. Think for a sec what changes you can make along the lines of "How can I live my day with LESS impact?" Less spending. Less hassle, etc. "Can I buy/do Xxxx for less $$/effort?" "Can I get a better quality (stuff/experience, whatever) for less $$/effort?" etc. It's the essense of true tightwaddery: can I do better with/for less? Heck, even simple things like washing the dishes. Do I need a dishwasher for two people? Can I clean the dishes for a two person meal faster and better by hand? Can it be a better experience than that muted rumble in the background from the dishwasher, that almost sub-sonic hum? I found the answer to that to be "Yes"—IF I make it so. There are probably a myriad of things in our lives that we think are convenient and frugal but are not. Just try today looking at what you do and asking "Can I do/have this better for less $$/effort? Can I have a better quality life for... less?" Might be a surprise or two waiting. Update: *sheesh!* Some folks are entirely too preoccupied with sex. After some offline queries, "Xxxx" above does NOT refer to
1.) Porn 2.) Getting some X-chromosome-laden "stuff," as in "Four xes? Must mean two women... " *shee-e-esh* (slaps forehead... not my own, dope-slap on backswing) 2a.) No, the size of the xes has nothing to do with anything either. 3.) Anything but some unspecified "unknown"
OK? Golly, folks, get some algebra, would you?