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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Shouldn't we stop for that checkpoint?"

Would someone please set this liar's pants on fire? Here's the car that Italian commie "journalist" Giuliana Sgrena claims had "300 and 400 bullets [fired] at if from an armoured vehicle" (quoting her lying mouth in an article in Il Manifesto). As one wag noted, great marksmanship to fit all those bullets into 3-4 holes... Posted by Hello Pic from The Jawa Report. See more at the link. (Thx to Glenn Reynolds for the link to The Jawa Report) Oh, and a h.t. to The Jawa Report for the link to Jeff Goldstien's droll take on Giuliana Sgrena. Addendum: Austin Bay, writing at Strategy Page, has a trenchant observation (read the whole thing, would you?): "...one rule never changes at a roadblock: Even escorted military convoys slow down as they approach a roadblock. As for a single civilian auto approaching at high speed? If a driver doesn't hit the brakes, the troops will shoot." Of course. Nearly everyone is bemoaning the "tragic mistake" that led to the death of the security agent Nicola Calipari. But one has to ask, who made the mistake of approaching, without even slowing, a military checkpoint? The expert security agent in the car (said Nicola Calipari) had been in Iraq before, delivering another ranson in the Italian terrorist funding program. he knew the rules of engagement and the rules ofthe road. The barriers and checkpoints are not only clearly marked, they are, by now, well-known traffic choke points. Sounds like the expert security agent, as noble as his act of throwing himself on top of the commie journalist he was there to take back to Italy, also provided a wee lesson in evolution in action.